King 2.0 Emulsion Coilover 16 Inch Travel With Springs

King 2.0 Emulsion Coilover 16 Inch Travel With Springs

Code: PR2016-CONRS


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Product Features



  • Compressed length: 21.585 Inches
  • Extended length 35.585 Inches


  • Vehicle Specific Mounts Machined from Aircraft Quality Billet
  • Lightweight, Hard Anodized 6063 Aluminum Alloy Reservoirs


  • Precision Bored Shock Cylinders to within +/- .001 for proper sealing and optimum valving


  • Heat Treated 6061 Aluminum Alloy Piston


  • Heat Treated Stainless Alloy Valve Shims to Withstand High Temperatures


  • Viton Rod Seals Withstand Temperatures up to 450 Degrees
  • Urethane Seals Which have been Tested on 18 Wheelers for 450,000 Miles

Cap Cover

  • O-Ring Schrader Cover Mounts to the Cap to Create a Positive Seal and Keep Dirt Out


  • Large 3/4" or 7/8" Diameter Shafts with a Minimum 100,000 lb./in. Tensile Strength


  • Steel, Teflon Lined, Spherical Bearing

Product Description

King 2.0 Emulsion Coilover 16 Inch Travel With Springs offers a high performance coilover without a reservoir. King emulsion coilovers are best suited for lower speed applications that will not generate as much heat. The King emulsion coilovers do not have the external reservoir which is used to help radiate and dissipate heat generated from the rigors of high speed off roading. Like all King shocks, King emulsion coil overs are built to order for each specific application. You can rest assured that your King coil overs are the finest shocks available and will give you everything you need to get the most of your suspension. Since all King Shocks are made to order, the aluminum shock components are available in custom colors to match your vehicle. King Blue comes standard and is included in the price of all King shocks. King shocks are available with a rubber or expanded urethane foam bump on the rod end to help soften the blow if your shocks bottom out. All King shocks are available with the standard billet or welded loop rod ends at no extra cost. King coil overs come standard with a blue coil slider. You do have the option of a black coil slider or a billet nylon coil slider. The billet nylon coil slider is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 450 degrees and is ideal for high speed racing applications. All King Coil Overs come standard with a flat spring plate. You can upgrade to a raise spring plate for applications where you have coil clearance issues and want to make sure that the spring is not going to interfere with the other parts on your vehicle.