King 3.0" Piggyback Reservoir Bypass Shock, 2 Tube, 16" Travel

King 3.0" Piggyback Reservoir Bypass Shock, 2 Tube, 16" Travel

Code: PR3016-BP2P


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Cylinder Finish:
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Product Features


Product Description

Product Features:
  • 42.20" Extended/26.20" Collapsed Length
  • 2 Bypass Tubes - 1 Compression, 1 Rebound
  • Precision Bored Shock Cylinders to within +/- .001 for proper sealing and optimum valving
  • Machined with King's Proprietary, Truncated Design for Ultimate Strength & Easy Adjustability
  • Aluminum Components Machined from Aircraft Quality Billet
  • Heat Treated 6061 Aluminum Alloy Piston
  • Heat Treated Stainless Alloy Valve Shims Which Remain Stable at High Temperatures
  • Wear Bands made from Rulon Composite for Longest Wear Life Possible
  • Large 3/4" or 7/8" Diameter Shafts with a Minimum 100,000 lb./in. Tensile Strength
  • Steel, Teflon Lined, Spherical Bearing for Smooth Articulation & Long Life
  • Urethane Seals Which have been Tested on 18 Wheelers for 450,000 Miles
Extended Length: 42.20"
Collapsed Length: 26.20"
Compression Tubes: 1
Rebound Tubes: 1

King 3.0" Performance Race Bypass shocks give you a high performance, position sensitive, adjustable and rebuildable off road shock. The bypass tubes give the the ability to easily adjust the valving of your shock at a specific position along the shocks travel. With the increasing popularity of dual rate coilovers, bypass shocks are needed to be able to adjust the rebound and compression rate at certain positions along the piston travel. King 3.0" piggyback reservoir bypass shocks are 100% custom made for your application and are specially designed for the rigors of off roading. Like all King shocks, these 3.0" diameter piggyback reservoir bypass shocks are made in the USA.

Custom Add-On Options:
Shock Finish
All King Smoothie and bypass shocks are available with chrome shock cylinders. The shocks come standard with a machined silver finish. To upgrade to chrome plated shock cylinders on Smoothie shocks is $95-100 while the upgrade on bypass shocks is $125.
Chrome Shock Cylinder.
Custom Colors
Since all King Shocks are made to order, the aluminum shock components are available in custom colors to match your vehicle. King Blue comes standard and is included in the price of all King shocks. If you wish to have the components anodized in a custom color, there is and additional $75 charge. We offer them standard in black, green, orange, polished, purple, red & yellow.
Anodized, Custom Color Components.
Viton Seals
The viton seals are ideal for vehicles that will racing or will be doing some high speed driving through the desert. The viton seals withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees to ensure proper sealing at even the hottest temperatures. The optional viton seals are the same as the ones offered on King's pure race series shocks.
Viton Seals.
Compression Adjusters
This upgrade allows you precisely adjust compression from super soft to super firm with the simple twist of a knob. The clearly marked knob offers 16 positive clicks of finely tuned adjustment. You can soften your ride when just cruising or firm up the compression when hammering rough terrain or carrying additional payload. You’ll have the ultimate in performance regardless of your pursuit.
Compression Adjusters.
If your vehicle requires special mounting bolts and adjustments, King offers several spherical bearing reducers / spacers, available to fit 1/2” & 5/8” bolt sizes and 1 1/4” & 1 1/2” mounting tab widths, some metric sizes are available.
Spherical Bearing Reducers/Spacers.
Rebound Valving
King shocks are available with pop-off rebound Valving. This makes your shock a compression damper only and there will not be any rebound dampering. Available on all Performance Race and Pure Race Series shocks.
Pop-off Rebound Valving.
Custom Lengths
King offers their shocks in numerous travel lengths and has we list the extended and collapsed lengths. However, if your vehicle requires a custom length shaft or shock cylinder, we can have this built for you. This is custom requires you to call us as the possibilities are literally and figuratively infinite.
Custom Cylinder & Shaft Lengths.
Rubber or Foam Bump
King shocks are available with a rubber or expanded urethane foam bump on the rod end to help soften the blow if your shocks bottom out. On all 2.0 and 2.5" shocks, a rubber bump is available at no extra cost. On 3.0" diameter and Pure Race series shocks, only the rubber bump is avalable and it is an additional $25 per shock.
Rubber or Foam Bump.
Longer or Welded Ends
All King shocks are available with the standard billet or welded loop rod ends at no extra cost. On 2.0" and 2.5" performance race series shocks, a 1" longer rod end is available at no extra charge. a 2" longer billet rod end is $25.00 and a 3" longer rod end is $50. On Pure Race shocks, a longer rod end is $90.
Longer or Welded Loop Rod Ends.
Black King Logos
King the logos that come with your shocks come standard in the King blue color. If you prefer, we offer the King logo in a black and reflective/chrome design.
Black King Logos.