King 3.0" Piggyback Reservoir Bypass Shock, 2 Tube, 8" Travel

King 3.0" Piggyback Reservoir Bypass Shock, 2 Tube, 8" Travel

Code: PR3008-BP2P


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Product Features



  • Compressed length: 16.70 Inches
  • Extended length: 24.70 Inches


  • 2 Bypass Tubes - 1 Compression, 1 Rebound
  • Machined Aluminum from Aircraft Quality Billet
  • Lightweight, Hard Anodized 6063 Aluminum Alloy Reservoirs


  • Precision Bored Shock Cylinders to within +/- .001 for proper sealing and optimum valving


  • Heat Treated 2024 Aluminum Alloy


  • Heat Treated Stainless Alloy Valve Shims to Withstand High Temperatures


  • Viton Rod Seals Withstand Temperatures up to 450 Degrees
  • Urethane Seals Which have been Tested on 18 Wheelers for 450,000 Miles

Cap Cover

  • O-Ring Schrader Cover Mounts to the Cap to Create a Positive Seal and Keep Dirt Out


  • Large Diameter, 58-62 Rockwell Hardness Shafts with a Minimum 100,000 lb./in. Tensile Strength


  • Steel, Teflon Lined, Spherical Bearing

Product Description

The King 3.0 Piggyback Reservoir Bypass Shock, 2 Tube, 8 Travel comes with 2 bypass tubes, Lightweight, hard anodized 6063 aluminum alloy reservoirs to help dissipate heat. With heat treated alloy valve shims that remain stable in high temperatures as well as heat treated 2024 aluminum alloy piston. All aluminum components are crafted with aircraft quality billets. In order to keep the alloys shims stable they have been heat treated as well. The large diameter 58-62 Rockwell hardness shafts have a minimum of 100,000lb./in. tensile strength; that as well as the steel, Teflon lined, spherical bearings ensure a lasting product and years of productivity. The urethane seals were tested and withstood 18 wheelers for over 450,000 miles.